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25位頂級交易大師的”交易忠告”:第4位 Richard Dennis 理查.鄧尼斯


「投資界交易經典」電子書-中英文CW 連載 …   (編譯:Smith Pan)

25位頂級交易大師的交易忠告4 Richard Dennis 理查.鄧尼斯


Trading decisions should be made as unemotionally as possible.

Richard Dennis 理查.鄧尼斯

Richard  J. Dennis, a commodities speculator once known as the “Prince of the Pit,” was born in Chicago, inJanuary, 1949. In the early 1970s, he borrowed $1,600 and reportedly made $200 million in about ten years. When a futures trading fund under his management incurred significant losses in the stock market crash of 1987 he retired from trading  for several years. 理查.鄧尼斯,一度被稱為大宗商品投機者的“採礦王子”出生在芝加哥,inJanuary1949年在70年代初期,他借了$1,600據說在大約十年收益增值至 $2億美元。在1987年的股市崩盤之際,由他掌管的期貨交易基金,曾經發生顯著的損失紀錄,數年之後,他從交易生涯中退休。

When you have a destabilizing loss, get out, go home, take a nap, do something, but put a little time between that and your next decision . 當你有一個不穩定的損失,離開交易廳,回家小憩,且把這一次和你的下一個決定之間,挪出一點點時間,做一些其他無關交易的事情,俾以轉移並調整心情。

Trading has taught me not to take the conventional wisdom for granted . What money I made in trading is testimony to the fact that the majority is wrong a lot of the time . The vast majority is wrong even more of the time .  I’ve learned that markets, which are often just mad crowds, are often irrational; when emotionally overwrought, they’re almost always wrong . 交易告訴我不要相信視為理所當然的傳統智識。我從交易賺錢的操作中,證明了一個事實,即是花費大量的時間投入交易,但大多數操作卻是錯誤的。絕大多數是錯誤的交易,反而耗費更多的時間。我已經學會了市場,這往往只是瘋狂的人群所影響,往往是不合理性的; 當市塲情緒不安之際,群眾盲從地投資,幾乎總是錯的。

You can’t have a standard attitude about money and do well in this business . What
do I mean by that? Well, my father, for instance, worked for the city of Chicago for 30 years, and he once had a job shoveling coal .  So, just imagine coming from his frame of reference, and thinking about losing $50 in a few seconds trading commodities . To him, that means another eight hours shoveling coal . That’s a standard attitude about money . 你不能有對金錢的態度,在做好這門生意。我的意思是什麼呢?好吧,舉我的父親的例子來說,在芝加哥城市努力工作了30年,他過去還挖過煤。所以,想像一下參照當時他的貧困年代裡,試想在商品市場裡幾秒鐘內損失了$50元。對他來說是損失不貲,這意味著必須鏟8小時煤的工資報酬。這是對金錢投資應有的審慎態度。

The key is consistency and discipline .  Almost anybody can make up a list of rules that are 80% as good as what we taught . What they can’t do is give people the confidence to stick to those rules even when things are going bad . 最關鍵的是連貫性和紀律性。我們所教授的投資知識有多好規則列表,幾乎任何人都可以良好地吸收80%的學習成效。因為。他們所做不到的是給人們的信心,即使市埸行情越來越糟,仍須堅持並遵守投資交易的準則。

I would write down observations and think about them .  I thought about everything I was doing .  I could trade without knowing the name of the market . 我會寫下來的在市塲所觀察並思考應對決策。我深思熟慮一切由我所做的交易決定。我甚至不必知道市場確切名稱,但我仍有把握地交易任何商品無誤。

Whatever method you use to enter trades, the most critical thing is that if there is a major trend, your approach should assure that you get in that trend . 無論你使用何種方法途徑進行交易,最關鍵的是,如果有一個大趨勢行情,你的交易方法途徑應確保在這一市塲大趨勢中,把握順勢投資獲利。

to be continued ...待續...

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25位頂級交易大師的”交易忠告”:第3位 RAY DALIO 雷.戴利奧

1. 浩瀚海洋,源於細小溪流 ; 偉大成就,來自艱苦勞動。 - (滿族)諺語
2. 美麗總有消逝時,成就永留人世間; 追求成功,自我成就 。 - (阿拉伯)諺語
3. 天才和勤奮之間,我毫不遲疑地選擇勤奮,它幾乎是世界上一切成就的催生婆。 -愛因斯坦

「投資界交易經典」電子書-中英文CW 連載 …   (編譯:Smith Pan)

25位頂級交易大師的交易忠告3 RAY DALIO .戴利奧


I believe that for themost part, achieving success — whatever that is for you —is mostly a matter of personal choice and that, initially, making the right choices can be difficult.
我相信以投資實現成功,是交易獲利最重要部份- 無論你對成功看法如何?主要在於個人選擇比努力還重要,因為投資在初始的階段,能夠做出正確的選擇或決策是很困難的。
-        Ray Dalio.戴利奧

Ray Dalio (born August 1, 1949) .戴利奧(生於194981日)is an American businessman and founder of the investment firm Bridgewater  Associates. In 2012, Dalio appeared on the annual Time 100 list of the 100 most influential people in the world. In 2011 and 2012 he was listed by Bloomberg Markets as one of the 50 Most Influential people. .戴利奧是乙家名為布裡奇沃特協會之投資公司的美國商人和創始人。 2012年,戴利奧出現在年度100份列名表單中,世界上最有影響力的100人之一。 2011年和2012年,他被彭博市場列為50位最有影響力的人物之一。

I believe that one of the best ways of getting at truth is reflecting with others who have opposing views and who share your interest in finding the truth rather than being proven right . 我相信得到聖杯真理的最好的方法之一,是與其他人交流異同見解和分享您關注交易真相的心得,透過互動反饋過程中而獲得;而非透過證明其正確與否的定論中而獲得。

Be wary of the arrogant intellectual who comments from the stands without having played on the field . 特別提醒,要留意那些沒有在市塲領域裡真倉下單的實務經驗,而只會在臺上紙上談兵的傲慢知識分子。

More than anything else, what differentiates people who live up to their potential from those who don’t is a willingness to look at themselves and others objectively .

By and large, life will give you what you deserve and it doesn’t give a damn what you like .  So it is up to you to take full responsibility to connect what you want with what you need to do to get it, and then to do those things . 總的來說,生活會回報給你你努力應得的,它不回應你所妄想之事。因此,一切由你決定,來承擔全部責任,您需要做的就是將掌握先機訊息連接到你想要交易的領域,然後做出明智決策。

Since the only way you are going to find solutions to painful problems is by thinking deeply about them — i .e ., reflecting — if you can develop a knee-jerk reaction to pain that is to reflect rather than to fight or flee, it will lead to your rapid learning/evolving . 既然你要找到解決痛苦的問題的唯一方法是通過深入思考這個議題例如,反饋運作系統- 如果你可以開發一個疼痛的下意識膝反射,我指是能引導你快速的學習/成長之反饋操作系統而不是戰鬥或逃跑警示運作系統。

Successful people ask for the criticism of others and consider its merit . 成功的人仕尋求他人的批評指教,並慎思熟慮接受別人的長處優點。

There are far more good answers “out there” than there are in you . 別人的答案也許會更佳,謂他山之石可攻錯,師人之長,補己之短。

When you think that it’s too hard, remember that in the long run, doing the things that will make you successful is a lot easier than being unsuccessful . 當你認為投資專業太困難,請記住,先苦後甜,從長遠來看,艱辛播種投資的苗仔,將來成功歡呼收獲,更容易實現許多。

to be continued ...待續...

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25位頂級交易大師的”交易忠告”:第2位 WARREN BUFFET沃倫•巴菲特

「投資界交易經典」電子書-中英文CW 連載 …   (編譯:Smith Pan)

25位頂級交易大師的交易忠告2 WARREN BUFFET沃倫•巴菲特


I will tell you how to become rich.Close the doors. 請閉門密晤,我會告訴你如何致富的秘密。

Be fearful when others are greedy. Be greedy when others are fearful.當眾人貪婪時候,我們要戒慎恐懼。當眾人恐懼的時候,我們反而要貪婪。


   Warren Buffett沃倫•巴菲特

Warren Edward Buffett  (born August 30, 1930) is an American business magnate, investor and philanthropist. He was the most successful investor of the 20th century. Buffett is the chairman, CEO and largest shareholder of Berkshire Hathaway, and consistently ranked among the worlds wealthiest people. 沃倫•愛德華•巴菲特(生於1930830號)是美國商業巨頭,投資者和慈善家。他是20世紀最成功的投資者。巴菲特的伯克希爾哈撒韋公司的董事長,首席執行官和最大股東,並一直名列世界上最富有的人之一。

Nothing sedates rationality like large doses of effortless money . 世界上並沒有所謂合理穩定收益之投資保證,猶如妄想不勞而獲巨量橫財的人性迷思 !

The most important quality for an investor is temperament, not intellect . You need a temperament that neither derives great pleasure from being with the crowd or against the crowd . 對於投資者最重要的素質是性格,而不是智力。你需要一種對交易樂趣油然而生的性格,無論是來自支持群眾的聲音或反對眾群的雜訊,均不影響你的投資交易決策。

Successful Investing takes time, discipline and patience .  No matter how great the talent or effort, some things just take time: You cant produce a baby in one month by getting nine women pregnant . 成功的投資需要時間,紀律和耐心。無論多麼偉大的天賦和努力,有些事是需要時間,切記投資獲利並非一蹴可及的事:「投資就像撫育子女成年一般,需要長時間的教養培育。試想,違反常理而期望同時讓九名婦女懷孕一個月期間,旋即誕生一個嬰兒,那是不可能的任務。」

Opportunities come infrequently . When it rains gold, put out the bucket, not the thimble Diversification is a protection against ignorance .  It makes very little sense for those who know what they’re doing . The difference between successful people and really successful people is that really successful people say no to almost everything「機會是不常到來的。天空下著黃金雨之際,機不可失,請快拿出水桶」;譬如人們使用不同的頂針穿線,就僥倖地以為可保護手指不被刺傷一般,殊不知,為了防免無知之過,而錯失最佳投資機會。因為,對於交易策略了然於胸並落實執行的投資者來說,掌握時機之投資,才是具有意義的事。自以為成功的人與真正成功的人之間的區別,在於真正成功的人行事低調,決不媚俗嘩眾而輕易透露出所有交易有關的細節眉角。

Ive seen more people fail because of liquor and leverage leverage being borrowed money . You really dont need leverage in this world much .  If youre smart, youre going to make a lot of money without borrowing . 我已經看到了許多的人,因為酗酒誤事或採高槓桿比投資而失敗 以高槓桿化為例,係擴張信用之高風險投資而遭斷頭。在這個殘酷現實的金融市塲,為了避開投資誤區與交易迷思,你真的不需要使用高槓桿高風險來操作。如果你夠聰明,不必要冒風險擴大投資而借貸。只要良好的交易思維與交易方法,你仍能獨力投資而致富。

What an investor needs is the ability to correctly evaluate selected businesses . Note that word “selected”: You don’t have to be an expert on every company, or even many . You only have to be able to evaluate companies within your circle of competence . The size of that circle is not very important; knowing its boundaries, however, is vital .投資者必需具備能正確評價並篩選企業的能力。需要注意的是單詞“篩選”:「對於選擇投資乙事,你不必成為眾多公司各個領域的專家,你只需針對在你熟悉及勝任的領域,篩選投資標的,深入研究其公司的基本面,才能正確評估該公司或產業的投資價值。以投資角度來看,該產業領域圈子的大小,並不是很重要; 深入瞭解該公司或產業領域範圍,才是至關重要的。」

to be continued ...待續...

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25位頂級交易大師的”交易忠告” 第1位 Bernard Baruch伯納德•巴魯克


「投資界交易經典」電子書-中英文版 連載 …   (編譯:Smith Pan)

1   Bernard Baruch伯納德•巴魯克

Dont try to be a jack of all investments. 投資者不要試圖在所有的投資領域,成為一個如同依靠槓桿的千斤頂。

Stick to the field you know best. 堅持你最瞭解的領域。


Bernard  Mannes  Baruch (August 19, 1870 – June 20, 1965) was an American financier, stock investor, philanthropist, statesman, and political consultant. After his success in business, he devoted his time toward advising U.S. Presidents Woodrow Wilson and Franklin D. Roosevelt on economic matters and became a philanthropist. 伯納德•巴魯克曼尼斯(1870819 - 1965620日)是美國的金融家,股票投資者,慈善家,政治家和政治顧問。他在商業上的成功後,他獻出了自己的時間對在經濟問題上提供諮詢美國總統伍德羅•威爾遜和富蘭克林•D•羅斯福 ,而後成為慈善家,頌揚當代。


Beware of barbers, beauticians, waiters of anyone bringing gifts of inside information or tips . 謹防理髮師,美容師,服務員 - 任何人 - 帶來的“內幕”消息,或送禮“的提示。”

Dont speculate unless you can make it a full-time job . 不要猜測,除非你可以把交易作為一個全職工作來看待。

Before you buy a security, find out everything you can about the company, its management and competitors, its earnings and possibilities for growth . 在您投資購買一個上市機構公司的金融產品(證券等)之前,請找出一切對該機構公司,其經營管理和其他競爭對手的一切資訊,來評估其盈利與未來可能的潛在獲利增長。

Dont try to buy at the bottom and sell at the top . This cant be done except by liars . 千萬不要試圖買在底部,賣在頂部。這是不可能做到的 - 除非是個騙子吹噓。

Learn how to take your losses quickly and cleanly .  Dont expect to beright all the time .  If you have made a mistake, cut your losses as quickly as possible . 我們必須瞭解如何快速,乾淨地把你的損失砍掉。不要指望所有的時間點的投資決策都被正確無誤地預判。如果行情趨勢進行中,你犯了一個判斷上的錯誤,請勿猶豫,儘快地砍掉頭寸,以減少損失。

Dont buy too many different securities .  Better have only a few investments which can be watched . 請不要買太多不同的金融產品(證券等)。最好的話,僅觀注能夠掌握訊息的一些少數的投資項目即可。

Make a periodic reappraisal of all your investments to see whether changing developments have altered their prospects . 切記,必要時讓所有的投資週期重新評估,看變化的發展是否已經改變了自己對前景的看法。

Study your tax position to know when you can sell to greatest advantage . 研究你的投資項目的稅費徵收年度法令的寬鬆緊縮狀況,來確保知悉什麼時候(季度或年度),可以賣到利潤最大化優勢的最佳時機。

Always keep a good part of your capital in a cash reserve .  Never invest all your funds . 始終本著現金為王的信念,因為現金儲備必須始終保持在佔你的資金很大一部分的水位。絕不要冒風險全押注般地投資你所有的資金進入市塲。保存投資實力之道,就是不冒賭博性的風險。

to be continued ...待續...

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Trading Story: The Best trading advice from top traders 交易故事:25位頂級交易大師的”交易忠告”

「投資界交易經典」電子書-中英文版 連載 …   (編譯:Smith Pan)

Trading Story: The Best trading advice from top traders 交易故事:25位頂級交易大師的”交易忠告”

Introduction 簡介

The best traders know how to do it. 最出色的交易員知道如何做到”最佳的交易”。

They know because they have a solid foundation – through an apprenticeship, degrees, or some other education . They know because their theories have been tested in real-world markets . And they demonstrate their knowledge watching their trading accounts mature to near-unimaginable dimensions . 身為世上最頂尖的交易員之一,其實他們每個人都知道一件事,因為他們是過來人,全都有一個堅實的基礎 :就是通過一個學徒,學位,或其他一些教育的艱難過程走過來。因為他們的理論已經通過在真實市場交易所進行的嚴酷測試。他們展示自己的獨特的交易見解及高超的交易技能,從觀看他們的交易賬戶的績效成就,近乎到了難以想像的境界,可見一斑。

And the best traders are regular people. 而最好的交易員們,都是實實在在的普通人。

Despite their tremendous trading feats, none of them started out with that success . Through vision, training, determination, and a little luck along the way, they all traveled the path of trading triumphs . Some came from humble beginnings like George Soros . He grew up in Hungary during World War 2 – barely escaping the Nazi dragnet . Others came from more reputable families, like Warren Buffett, the only son of a US Congressman . Whatever the case, these top traders became the best in spite of their upbringing . 儘管他們曾有偉大的交易壯舉,但沒有人從一開始的交易生涯就平步青雲的。他們都通過自我學習,交易培訓,加上決心毅力和一點點運氣,才在各種投資商品交易市場上,走遍交易的勝利之路。一些來自卑微家庭像喬治•索羅斯。他從小在匈牙利經歷二戰期間(於第二次世界大戰 - 幾乎沒有逃脫納粹的天羅地網),從艱苦的環境捱過來。另一些人來自信譽度高的上流家庭,像沃倫•巴菲特,美國國會議員的獨生子。儘管他們的成長來自良好教養的家庭,無論是哪種情況排名,這些頂級交易員都能成為交易界中最好最優秀的Trader,也成為我們後進新手學習的榜樣,這確是不爭的事實。

But the best traders are NOT always right. 但是,最優秀的交易者的投資決策並不總是正確無誤的。

They don’t have to be . You’ll see their admitted ignorance about the next market move . But because of the way they handle account, it doesn’t matter . Over time, they employed proven methods in the market and navigated to healthy profits . 他們不必須如此承認自己的眼光不足與投資失誤。你會看到在未來的市場波動預測上,的確,他們承認自己無知,但並不影響他們繼續交易的初衷。因為他們處理帳戶交易頭寸的積極態度,果斷地在市場上即時採用並修正有效的投資組合,這些方案會隨著時間的推移,導航交易績效達到可觀的投資報酬。

Finally, the best traders tend to be more aware of life. 總之,優秀的交易者往往更懂得生活意義。

They understand their weaknesses and address them . They see opportunities and act on them . They appreciate that life is more than trading . Most are involved in philanthropy . Their advice may not always relate directly to trading, but their guidance can still help a well- rounded trader . 他們瞭解自己的弱點,並加以克服。他們看到了機會,並採取行動。他們是明白 一件事,就是生命意義的深度將超越一時的交易輸贏。這些頂級交易高手大多數都參與到慈善事業 中。他們的領袖意見可能並不總是直接關係到交易,但他們的心得指導與忠告,還能幫助擁有沉穩圓融性格-良好素質的交易者,走向勝利之路。

We hope their market-tested wisdom proves helpful on your journey to consistent trading returns . 本書宗旨希望這些頂級交易大師們經過多年無數市場檢驗的智慧,透過本書忠告引領下,能夠驗證並幫助讀者-你在市場上未來交易旅程,得到保持一致性的交易佳績回報。 All the best! 所有最優秀的!

to be continued ...待續...

-Brandon Clay  TRADING STORY  布蘭登•克萊    「交易故事」

( Chinese translation & Editor中文翻譯&編輯者:Smith Pan )